Preparing for another change!

We have to leave the kitchen for the moment - we are STILL waiting for the doors for the sink unit! Granite needs to be cut and the floor sorted - so whilst we are helpless in that room there are other rooms which require PREPARATION!


This is what the lounge looked like a few weeks ago........

now after this


it looked like this!

You can just make out the chimney breast Jon has built for the new fire.


Watched by Elsie!

At the top of the stairs the old attic entrance is being borded up, ready for the plasterer coming on 28th to skim both the lounge and hall & landing. Whilst Jon does the work I have a role to play too.......clearing away thanks to my PANASONIC!

However it has  been a lovely day so Freida and I went out to play!

We met up with Freida's Pal Mick

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