I Dreamt I Was A WereWolf Bird.

So i have been working on a load of works that vary from commissions, personal and gallery work. My desk is covered with sketches and all need to be painted up. Even though i visit and apart of the street art scene i do love my ink pots and wee brushes so much. It what makes art so much more interesting and exciting being influenced and sharing a studio with street artists. Once again im back tracking to last months work, My deadlines for my current works is this saturday and should be really painting, planning away with 5 more painting to the ones i already have in the series 'Dios De Los Muertos' that will be exhibiting this weekend. But more on that in my next post once ive created all the images. I will have this blog up to date in the next few weeks. Im away on tour with my spray cans and sketchbook up the UK, Scotland than Spain so pretty excited for that as of the 12th of November! woop woop. 

Back to the main post subject. here are some sneaky shots in the process of creating these pair titled ' One : I Dreamt I Was A WereWolf Bird' and ' Two : I Dreamt I Was A WereWolf Bird'. We all have surreal dreams at times and recently I have stopped dreaming about the past few years of my life. So here is an insight to what i dreamt about when I finally came through from all the horrible nightmares and being an emotional wreck the past 7 months. Im sure we all dream or wonder what it would be like to fly with our arms or even to be a werewolf but maybe not as furry like. I've been meaning to move out but will in the new year when i have found both my feet again. 

Here are the final scan version, but I way prefer the real deal than these versions. I just feel it doesn't do the images any justice or show how powerful the colours really are. I guess with a cheap dilapidated  A4 scanner against A2 full colour images is going to be hard to work with but at the end of the day... its better than no scanner. Enjoy 

So last month I went to watch my friend Parlee, Eska and a few street artist paint down Shoreditch. After handing my works in with Lucky Dip Collective that have exhibited it at the Illustration Art Fair last week. I will blog all about in my next post. So I pitched up with my vegan falafel bap with a cheeky wee can of Irn-Bru on a chair and watched them do there thing on a van. A french artist came along and did a throw up of grenade bomb and pretty cool book box with a white and black roller than just disappeared leaving his mark or contribution to society. 

My mate Steph gone back to uni and few of the lads had the urge to tag but after being arrested earlier on for painting by the railway tracks on a public wall. So resorting to tagging on a spray can was the only option...I left in the evening to go to work so never managed to take any photos  or even witnessed the finished pieces so pretty gutted about that. It was nice to hang out with the boys and catch up with reality after spending so much time at my desk drawing away in a solitary environment executing a few deadlines. 

I leave it at that since I need to get back to my drawing, with my deadline to my show draws closer and closer to the time. Very exciting stuff but nervous at the same time. I will keep you all posted and will post some of my more recent works. Im yet to scan in and document a load of pieces I have created in the past month. Thats when you know that your really busy, not even having time to do that.