Dia De Los Muertos (Day Of The Dead)

For the past few months of creating so much artwork for commissions, exhibitions and juggling my daytime/ night job's has been pretty exhausting. Causing a lack in updating my work properly online and exercising since I injured myself in a hockey match few months back. As of Saturday i will be away for 3 weeks on my travels and sofa surfing up the UK, Scotland than onto Spain spraying walls, doodling my surroundings. Along with eating a lot so will be documenting all the different types of foods i will come across including deep fried battered pizza/ mars bar, haggis spring rolls and etc. Hopefully I wont have a heart attack or come back obese. Really excited to meet new faces, experience new things and be far from London most. 

As for an upcoming show 'Dia De Los Muertos' in Dalston (London) I created 3 ink pieces, 6 wood pieces and 2 mixed media pieces all various sizes. Now that I am taking a wee break from it all to regain some fuel, i thought I'd post some of the finished pieces online. Influenced and inspired by my Mexican cultural background that celebrates this glorious event every year from the 1st of November to the 3rd. Throughout my childhood it was part of life to attend since we all had relatives, loved ones that passed away. Mexico reminiscing as one big community, alters in every household filled with treasures such as food, drink, sugar skulls, photographs of loved one's and flowers. 

To begin with, I focused on the 1st day of this memorable celebration know as 'Dia De Los Angelitos'  (Day of the little angels) where people pray for children that have past away. I chose to play with this idea and have a living child play with a friend whom past away like they once used to. Below are some close up shots of the piece. 

Praying and respect for the dead is a crucial element in this celebration to acknowledge the dead your presence. It felt really nice to incorporate new colours into my work rather than my usual colour pallet. Below is a close up shot before adding all the wee flying elements.

I've also added in Stella Forever wearing a mexican patterned dress, a lady from my past paying her respects but jumping in the air being a child inside still. 

I spend 4 solid days working from scratch, developing sketches in my journal, than onto paper at a larger scale incorporating my wee inks last. A slow process indeed but I'm glade with the final outcome and how my use of ink has developed throughout the pieces. As for the rest of this body of work, I'm currently painting them at the studio and will post the progress of these pieces in the next few days.  Until than, enjoy 4 days of my life last month.