C110 racing cam

How can you get more power out of a C110 engine? Fit it with a racing camshaft.
Only one problem, racing cams are not really available anymore.
I've seen some adds of old american aftermarket suppliers that had cams for Honda's including the 50/55cc OHV engines, but have never run across these camshafts for sale anywhere.
Luckaly my dad has some experience in making his own camshafts.

The C110 camshaft in line with a BMW R50S camshaft that will provide the profile.

Grinding stone, grinding away the C110 camshaft, this will result in a smaller ground cirkel, but also a higher lift and longer duration.

Finished product, the intake cam is reground, looks small next to the original exhaust cam, but because the groundcirkel is smaller, it is actually an inprovement.
Already made a testrun and you can feel the extra power in the higher revs without losing a lot lowdown.

C110 cam lift profile (not valve lift) compared to some others, the intake cam is now reground to the profile marked 50s,69s, clearly visible that it improves lift and duration.