Oh and by the way!

Don't mention my diet much - but HAD to share my news - lost 4.5 lb (2.04116 kg)  this week! Well pleased!

Ok back to DIY ...........

The Hunt for the Battered Haggis Unicorn

Its been a wee while since I posted anything, due to traveling for the past month or so, across England, Scotland and Spain.  It has been an absolutely blast to say the least! After a hectic few days before the jump sorting out the new kitchen and finishing off a few deadline. I managed to pack and get my travel documents together than heading off to catch the train up North England where my 1st stop was to be. 

Where do I begin with my travel... I walked the highlands, ran through torrential rain, break danced, drunk 6 bottles of wine to try forget some old memories, let loose lego shaped dance moves, ate colossal battered haggis's and savaged an octopus sandwich.  

Documenting my travels via camera, drawings in my journal, notepad and app Instagram, if any of you have it follow me to witness it all. 

Here are some pages from my journal and have many more but will be saving them for another post others wise this will end up being as long as a dissertation. Below is a photo of this amazing wee vegetarian place id recommend to eat if your in the mood for jacket potato in Edinburgh. I ate veggie haggis with spicy hummus and it tasted delicious after a wee visit in Dundee.  

Trust the scottish to have a Gin and Tonic Fund tip jar at a wee cafe i went to during the day. Was really nice to have a break from walking all over the place on my own, running up and down the many stairs in Edinburgh. Took that moment to draw a few people drinking coffee and nibbling on there cinnamon bread. In the evening i went to a party with 6 bottles of white wine and ended up eating lots of hummus and olives not realizing how much I've drunk. Which lead me to create conceptual art in the toilet with a found cigarette in a wibbly wobbly state.

I went to a typical wee Glaswegian pub on one of the nights there and was literally the only none white person in there and there was 1 woman in there, every body being proper Glaswegian . 'You look as rough as a badgers asshole' was one of the quotes I heard, wrote a few others in my wee journal and will be illustrating them in the next month or so. This carnage later lead to battered chips, battered haggis, battered black pudding, normal chips with white buttered bread. Nearly having a heart attack from all the battered stuff despite it tasting pretty amazing in small dose!

Sterling castle which was gorgeous but was so very cold the higher you walked but guess you cant expect anything less from being in Scotland. At the castle there was a wee exhibition 'The Hunt of the Unicorn', often referred to as the Unicorn Tapestries, is a series of seven tapestries dating from 1495–1505. These colossal tapestries show a group of noblemen and hunters in pursuit of a unicorn. It is believed the tapestries were made in the Southern Netherlands. Couldn't get any photos of it so heres a sneaky image from an online source to give you an idea what these looked like. 

My mate ended up in A&E so heres another new experience for me never being in one in the UK alone, so witnessing one in Glasgow was a first, The man sat next to me looked so badly with open cuts all over his face/head and dry blood on his hands. I tried not to make eye contact but when you see someone like that makes one wonder where he came from. Guess I will never know. 

Made a few things while i was there and pasted up a hand on a wall in a building and walked out since Im sneaky like that. The hand was made from this sticky coloured paper which was so lovely to cut through and made me life super fast to bosh it out and out i went. Also visited Kelvingrove Museum a few times too while I was in Glasgow and drew few of the sculptures there. I fell in love with a few of the paintings there so a re-visit was a must the next day. 

Cyprus Duck, didnt see no shifty looking ducks!

I wrote a review on my experience at the Hunterian Museum (London) a few months back that can be read here.  So when i saw there was a Glasgow Hunterian Museum my wee socks got all excited and without hesitation i walked in for a closer gander. Once again you were not allowed to take photos inside but I manage to snap a sneaky few but not as many as I would liked. Here is a baby fawn's, two bodies, one heart and one head, Madness!! Along with a cyclopes piglet to company the wee fella. Was all very fascinating to witness and a lovely experience wishing I had company for.

Loved these bikes in the Riverside Museum: Scotland's Museum of transport and travel.

Met some of the protesters on the edge of Kelvingrove Park and had a chat with what they were camping for in the freezing cold while making a mess with litter. I drew some of them chilling on there mickey mouse made chairs while they drunk warm whisky and coffee. Will show all these drawings in the next month once I have executed a few unfinished ones.  

I documented a lot more photos as you can imaging having been in York, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow for like 2 weeks but its getting really late and I should sleep. Back to work in the morning and time to get into my usual routine in the big smoke. I will be posting very soon about my trip to Spain, so many stories and fun moments I don't know where to begin. Hopefully I will know when that comes to that point,  also my updated website will be going live this monday which is pretty exciting since its been meaning to have an update for some time now. 

All the best and speak to you all very soon.

T is for Tempting you with a Taste of what is to come!

A few weeks ago our lounge looked like this......


It hadn't worked for a while......so Jon hatched a plan....


and he built this....


Yesterday the plasterer worked his magic and the coving was added to make it appear it had always been there!


today the room continues to dry out....


Next week it will be U for unveil - until then I have to crack on and sort out the room, ready for the decorator and the carpet fitter. Can you guess the colour of the carpet? Remember - these are the curtains..

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Monday 9am!

True to his reliable word the plasterer's van was on our drive at 8.40am - by 9am he was working!
The decorator awaits in the wings and the carpet is awaiting collection from the shop.............yes, the lounge is now the next DIY focus!

Watch this space!

C110 racing cam

How can you get more power out of a C110 engine? Fit it with a racing camshaft.
Only one problem, racing cams are not really available anymore.
I've seen some adds of old american aftermarket suppliers that had cams for Honda's including the 50/55cc OHV engines, but have never run across these camshafts for sale anywhere.
Luckaly my dad has some experience in making his own camshafts.

The C110 camshaft in line with a BMW R50S camshaft that will provide the profile.

Grinding stone, grinding away the C110 camshaft, this will result in a smaller ground cirkel, but also a higher lift and longer duration.

Finished product, the intake cam is reground, looks small next to the original exhaust cam, but because the groundcirkel is smaller, it is actually an inprovement.
Already made a testrun and you can feel the extra power in the higher revs without losing a lot lowdown.

C110 cam lift profile (not valve lift) compared to some others, the intake cam is now reground to the profile marked 50s,69s, clearly visible that it improves lift and duration.

This time last Year!

Elsie in the garden!
Definitiely the choice for this years's Christmas Card.
Wonder what is in store weatherwise?
Keep hearing lots of warnings - still just windy today - any thoughts?

Homemade Christmas Workshop

These are the cards we made last week - there are about 20 - 25 attending my class - each person made about 6 cards.



This week it was  indoor wreaths....here are a few of them.











A talented group don't you think?