A sketch a day : London Underground

So now having so much time on my own and in the big smoke, i still trying to get used to it all and at times struggle. Im reminded everyday by the smallest of things what I once had.

I have started to find my soul again after spending alot of time on my own visiting shows and thinking into things too much but my urge for drawing began.. so i attended my needs and started working on some stencils, mural pieces, zines and various illustrations. But what i love most is drawing from observational and capturing people body expressions usually on the London Underground since. It can range from 30 secs to 2 minute drawing all depending on how long that person is allocated in that pose for or until they establish your sneakily drawing them.

I will posting on my facebook page, tumblr and on here everyday (or when i get a chance) with 'a sketch a day'. To keep you hooked with my latest doodles and witnessing my life through drawing.

So much has happened in the past few weeks since I last posted on here. Im very excited to show you all my new body of works, received art mails and most of all im very excited to be going Scotland again in November.  

Keep watch everyone and witness it all very soon.