Save Yourself Rubbertoes.

Im still back tracking with my life the last month or so ago, for those who dont follow me on twitter, my life has been very manic with commission deadlines, exhibition works and working at my jobs. So blogging and updating my website i failed a wee bit i apologize. after all these deadlines and show on the 7th November. i will be going away on my holiday. a tour up the UK, Scotland and onto Madrid (Spain) to meet my best mate over there.

So my mate Steph and I went painting down the Shorditche area. We get our ray of sun involved but she got burnt being ginger and all, bless. Heres a few pictures of the day, we got the rollers going and painted the wall white than got our spray cans out to play. Was a great day mucking about and experimenting on new ideas before she went back to uni in derby to finish off her degree. 

Some sneaky pictures there of what i painted trying out a few ideas i had playing on my mind. Been going through a lot recently and my work has been going through a few stages of mixed subjects. After the past few years painting/ drawing with someone in your life that has influence me so much to now doing it for myself. Its really hard to get used to or to even forget, but in time it has got easier and naturally had my ups and downs while drawing/ creating. Taking everything with a pinch of salt is what im doing at the moment, at the moment i have been working on alot of ink stuff and probs change onto the more pencil/digital stuff in the next few months. Im slowly starting to enjoy London and finding new subject matters that has driven my works to new level. I miss the what i had but I have accepted its the past now. 

#Stella Forever

Will be posting more about the past few months, I have witnessed, traveled and created so much. I will share with you all very soon. Speak to you all soon