Recipe for Friday

From time to time at Slimming World we have a taster night, where we all take along a favourite recipe. Rule is the recipe has to comply with SW guidelines, ie fat free.
A couple of week's ago my chilli/curry recipe was voted the favourite of the group.
I LOVE take aways and do miss them, but find that this recipe really tastes like an authentic take-away. I serve with mashed potato (smash) which I brown off in the griddle pan (no fat) or with boiled rice. Add boiled eggs too for added yumminess.

Vegetable Chilli?Curry Recipe

Chopped and minced chillis - according to how hot preferred
Chopped Peppers
Chopped onions
Tin of Red Kidney Beans
Tin of Canelloni Beans
Tin of chopped tomatoes + puree
Any cooked vegetables
Chilli?Curry Powder
Salt + Pepper to taste

Cook chillis, peppers and onions in small amount of boiling water (I use frozen veg)

Add Beans + Tomatoes + chilli?curry powder.

Heat through + season to taste.

Eat + Enjoy