Out and About......with an Ornithologist

DIY update..The kitchen is awaiting the last few pieces of granite to be cut and the floor tiles to be matched.....we heard our new fire will be in the store this week so we will be working on the hall and lounge very shortly......in the meantime.....the weather forecast seems to be pretty bleak for the future months - winter is going to be cold, very cold and snow is predicted. This doesn't really bother us as we are keen to put the Rayburn through its paces....and hopefully downstairs will be complet by Christmas...watch this space I'll keep you informed.

I don't think we'll  be going out much on the motorbike as the weather is not biker friendly but somewhere out there the weather will be suitable for a bike adventure and I discovered such the other day.
This is the blog of an artist and her new husband (indeed only married a few days ago) on their honeymoon - a bike adventure to Alice Springs. Bridget is an artist and her drawings are fantastic!
I will be following their adventure with great interest - I can certainly empathise with them, so why not pay them a visit and follow too!

By the look on Bridget's face I am sure we will be in for a fun ride!
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