There is nothing new to report in the kitchen - not just yet, I have been trying to get the garden sorted for winter whilst we await the sorting out of the worktops and floor tiles, oh and the arrival of 2 missing doors - in the meantime I have been planning my winter clothes. I bought a fantastic coat from Oxfam for £20, my favourite brand being per una of M&S fame. I saw some boots I quite liked the look of too....

I sent off for the boots in August, size 4 like I always get from M&S. They arrived, together with a change in temperature so I more or less forgot about them until this weekend. The weather forecast was particularly cold so I decided to wear my new boots. However on closer inspection I must say the quality was not that good. The fit was not comfortable and I feared "chaffing" might take place as the size seemed to be on the larger size. I read reviews on the M&S website, which were very mixed, but quite a few seemed to state the issue of quality etc.

Problem was, I had no receipt - fully expecting there to be no problems. I contacted customer services who told me to take the boots back to a local store - which I did, together with the transaction code so the order history could be traced.

This I did - and was given a credit note for £85.00, the amount I paid for the boots. A really good response I felt - I had none of the original packaging etc. I will visit our local Clark's shoe shop where I have seen some similar ones, but at least I will be able to try them on and see what they look like in the real sense of matters!

Once sorted, I will be sorted for the weather ahead! Walkies with Freida can only get better!

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