Light at the end of the tunnel! Updated just for Pat!

For the past few weeks I have used ABC Wednesday to share our Kitchen makeover project as a theme.....this week was no exception!

I have a sink, taps and they work!
Jon has fixed the new sink in be it temporary.
We bought the offcut piece of worktop for £5 to allow us to work out how to have the granite cut to fit.

It will probably mean we have 4 strips of granite round the sink as it is quite large. Either way £5 is a lot cheaper than breaking a piece of granite and making it worthless.

The granite worktops have been placed in position, but again will be cut to size and sealed into place.
I am particularly pleased with the roller shutter unit - this will be the only wall cupboard we have, apart from the glass units I showed a coupls of weeks ago.

There will be a socket wired in where the wiring is on the wall.

There are floor tiles to be matched up, electric sockets and switches to be changed, but on the whole I have a working kitchen!
Way hay!

Then - I read Pat's blog and decided to add a bit just for her and the farmer - title..... Location Location Location!!!!
You see Pat and her husband don't live too far away and at the weekend they headed for the seaside - which is where we come into the equation. You see, we live just off the main route to Whitby, Scarborough, Bridlington and tons of other frequently visited seaside destinations. On such occasions it is impossible for us to actually pull out onto the main road due to the endless traffic heading East - so I decided to share our secret little haven - Skinningrove, only a few miles inland - A174 to be precise!
Yesterday Freida and I headed to Skinningrove, with camera to do a photo session just for Pat and the farmer.....


Notice the many spaces in the carpark


Space to die for!

Freida in her element..


The North Sea...

Freida meets a friend.....


Did I mention the space!


The cliffs - part of the Cleveland Way


The space....

The fun and frolics


The space...

On the way back to the car..


The barrier against flooding


Final view before home!
Hope you enjoyed the walk on the beach.....and when you do visit make sure you visit the Tom Leonard Mining Museum, a short walk from this lovely location!

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