Its been a wee while everyone!

Its been a wee while since I have been on here and so much has happened. Where do I even begin??...hmm I've started reading a book called Day One by David Nicholls, which I have found a really good read so far and can relate to some of the incidences that occur between  Emma and Dexter from what I have read so far. But due to a few commissions, an upcoming exhibition, magazines illustrations its been hard to find time for myself. I hear it was at the cinema too but wouldn't dare watch it till i have finished the book knowing probably they'll miss out my favorite or yet to come crucial points in the book. 

Also that came in the post the other month was 'Ninja Turtle Sex Museum' by Illustrator James Unsworth. Whom I met last year at the Summer Set House 1st show 'Pick Me Up' in 2010. This book is bursting full of brilliant and grotesque illustrations of turtles having sex with each other, masturbating there nfected turtle penis's, pizza bumming and gay connotations. This book is a must have for the book collection. 

My good friend dave came along to London to keep me company and to cheer me up few months back and we took some photos and went to a hardcore /dub step gig to finish it off. We even let loose some sharp tectris shapes on the floor with the rest of the kids. POW POW

some twat slapped his horrid tag over mine and stephs mural we did a few months back, would had been fine it was any good.

The other week I saw 4 chickens, 3 kittens, 7 wee fishes, hamster and a mexican axolotl whom ate his partner the week before the savage beast at Stephanie home! She made me this bless her and we started cutting up bananas and grinding lemons while got messy with the flower. As we baked a load of cute vegan cupcakes and later on ate a lush vegan roast. 

One of the wee banana, icing and choc vegan cupcake.

I also went to see a band called Trippple Nippple the other month with Florence and Robert (another rob whom has a good name) down shorditch and had a crazy dance where i met mexican journalist and danced while Robert nicked a whole bottle of black sambuca from the bar and drunk the whole thing and sharing it everyone around us, the nutter!

Here are some sneaky pictures of the gig and will be doing a wee illustration for them in the next month, but will keep you posted on that. If you haven't heard of them or know there music, it is very upbeat, quirky and crazy japanese music! so fast my wee rubbertoes couldn't keep up with them at times. I clearly just had too much swagger like mick jagger!

I will leave it here since I got a load more to blog about. My life as you probably can tell is all over the place and i guess if anything Im trying to get used to my new life back in the big smoke and experiencing what I have missed the past few years from living in Kent. It still feels odd at times when Im on my way home on the underground instead of walking up a hill with hardly anyone about.