It's on it's way!

I take my MIL food shopping each week. The weather was awful yesterday so we went today, Sunday. The fruit and veg are cheap in Lidl so we headed there first.........and the Christmas stock was on the shelves. We then went to Sainsury's where there was Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas stock out too. Jon and I nipped to B&Q and Next had their Christmas decorations out!
Hmmmmmmmmm - this time last week we were in the middle of a heatwave now we have Christmas banging on the door!
Is it too early for Christmas planning? With only the 2 of us there isn't a great deal to plan - talking in the car on our way home we said we would buy something for the house rather than individual presents. I am aware that I have the time to "shop" for Jon, but it isn't fair on him really as he hasn't the time to buy regularly for me - so we will just spend £10 on each other - think we'll each have 20 minutes in Asda - whilst the other waits in the carpark - yes sounds like a plan and even if I say so myself a mighty fine plan!