Gilera Runner SP 50 Simoncelli

The departure of Super-Sic, the nickname for the Motor Grand Prix racer, Marco Simoncelli still leaves grief for his fans.

Various accessories Simoncelli's racing fixtures were sold hunted by his fans. One replica helmet GV GP Tech's curly-haired man is.

Not only helmets, Simoncelli also have a special automatic motor Gilera Runner 50 SP Simoncelli named. These motors are usually used to beraktfitas in the paddock area.

As reported by, this bike is made ​​specifically as an appreciation for the success of the team when Simoncelli Metis Gilera triumphed in the 250cc class in 2008.

Gilera Runner 50
SP Simoncelli is a motor scooter lansiran 2010 with single engine cylinder 2-stroke scooter is also supported with an automatic transmission with centrifugal clutch.

Ignition system was derived from the CDI. Power generated from the scooter is only 5.40 horsepower.

Not only that, Gilera Runner 50 SP Simoncelli also armed with a suspension system up-side down to the front, while relying on hydraulic stern.

The motors are made ​​single-seater seats are released at a price of 2220 Euros. Now, limited edition scooter is probably a relic Simoncelli special items.