Art Mail : Anna Jane Searle

The other week Illustrator/ textile designer Anna Jane Searle (@annajanesearle) sent me some art mail. but being caught up with 2 jobs and my art its taken me some time to post up and reply to her art mail but its all happening now!! POW

I think she did her research on me and found out my love for walrus's, type and bow ties. She executed all these into the art mail and I was amazed with the amount of effort she put in. At the top we have these 4 sneaky walruses garland which are very happy chilling with my wee toys on a shelf next to my desk. She hand knitted a bow tie which im yet to wear this week for work, brilliant. She even threw in some cheeky stamps she been making she must had been in a happy mood when making this. Woop!

Thanks again Anna for all your efforts and hope you like my art mail when it arrive like a sneaky bandit!! 

also everyone check her blog and shop out!