My day trips out: Saatchi Gallery

So i have been meaning to check out the latest collection The Shape Of Things To Come: New Sculpture, that Saatchi Gallery have brought to light.  Baring in mind it is the London's gallery for the contemporary arts so all going in with an open mind was a must. No indication of rope or wire surrounding the artworks and freely to take photos, it was a pleasant and trusting atmosphere. With many people sitting on the floor either taking photos or drawing away without any hassle by doing allowed for all ages to enjoy contemporary art in this beautiful building.

Gallery 2 located on the ground floor, in my eyes was absolutely stunning and an abundant amount of layers that  David Altmejd had brought to each sculpture, so aggressive but yet so well considered in there own way. 

The sculpture about titled 'The New North' (2007), made from wood, foam, expandable foam, paint, magic sculpt, magic smooth, expoxy, glue, mirror, horse hair, quartz crystals and wire. Almost four metres tall and its colossal dimension allows the artist to create microcosmic worlds within it, using ll sorts for example horse hair, wire, mirrored rhomboid shapes and quartz crystals. know for making large- scaled sculptures of anthropomorphic figures cast in the state of metamorphosis. David's work challenges the boundaries of traditional figuration by embedding his subject with otherworldly elements and surrenders it as a human figure in all its spiritual and psychological multiplicity. 

As they say, the bigger it is, the bigger the impact, the more questions asked, the more theories  thought. This piece brought just that, chilling there in this grand white light space as people walking in with great impact. Peoples faces all become the same, staring up as they walk round this gigantic anthropomorphic figure for a wee while for sure asking themselves similar questions. I loved how David has embraced playful elements for example the mirrored staircase spiraling in and out of ones body.

Also by David Altmejd, was The Healers (2008) on the other end of this gallery space. This conveyed a chaotic scene of overlapping figures and figurative fragments such as, intestine, hands, wings, kissing figures, wildly sexual positions in physical agony. It was for sure one to get as close as possible seeing each individual segment, wondering where this piece began or ended. Thoroughly enjoyed viewing this and the use of spot colour to unify this crazy scene of dilapidated figures and its sexual healing connotations.

In gallery 5 was this cheeky piece in the corner Beethoven's Trumpet (with ear) 
by John Baldessari.
Berlinde De Bruyckere K36 (The Black Horse) 2003.

The Milky Way by Bjorn Dahlem 2007. This room sized sculpture was pretty mental that represents abstract concepts of space and matter. Reminded me of climbing frames one used to play on as a child. The neon tubes I thought could symbolize jars of milk in response to its title.

Anselm Reyle Untitled 2006. With this instillation, i sat down and wondered what it could represent without any title to help one by. What I gained from this, was on the bigger bundle of neon lights had few tubes spelling various words such as Open Drug Store. More of an american city/ town thing to have on the street. where the wee bundle of neon lights towards the corner of the room had no signs, only the letter N gives the impression he's contrasting city and country life styles. The city life as we know it is busy, chaotic but he has used the colour green to flows from one side to another giving this carefully composed instillation clarity and structure.

A group of 18 leading contemporary Indonesian artists came together to surrender this exciting body of work titled 'Indonesian Eye: Fantasies And Realities'.

Bringing together traditional and modern cultural influence and expresses this mix in a very fresh and diverse way, using abstract and realistic languages. The image below titles Growing Fish (2008) by Ay Tjoe Christine I thought was really interesting, taking the raw expressive approach. Not really thinking about her mark making too much, just subconsciously powering layers of acrylic paint onto a lifeless piece of fabric. The chaotic texture she has created in the middle works so well with the detailed hand/ foot on either side if it fuse's the image as a whole handsomely.

Mella Jaarsma The Post Modernist (2011). 5 cloaks of embroidered emblems life size.

Aquno Manou Putra, Global Warming III: The Left And Melted Ones (2007). 3 paneled canvas painted with acrylic. The contrast of letting the white paint against black/brown run to the bottom of the canvas on either side of the mountains and the five Indonesian children painted in red with such detail is truly powerful. One of my favorite pieces from this visit.

Wedhar Riyadi brought to the table these funny but dark humored duo titled: Give Me Your Best Flavour and I Will Bite You (2008)  and New Neighbour From Outer-space (2009) .

J. Ariadhitya Pramuhendra (1984), a young and rising artist exhibited these amazing charcoal yet enormous pair of canvas's titled  A Heaven's Tale (2010) and as picture seen below Devided and Fold (2008). Having previously made a major impact on the art scene with piece Holy Mass (2008), I was excited to see what other works he was to bring out just afterwards like breath of fresh air.

Coming from a traditional fine art background these were my favorite pieces in the entire show. The use of charcoal in Devided and Fold reminded me of French illustrator Kamel Khelif, whom also distorts faces using light/ shadow as a primary influence.

If you get the chance, check out French book called 'Les Exilees,' text: Nabile Fares, illustrations by Kamel Khelif. It is presented in a A4 300 weight paper book, beautiful classic charcoal illustrations throughout but done in a comic format, works smashingly. 

The abundant amount of carefully chosen detail in Devided and Fold was so well done. Its just the contrast of heavy black and white spacing used to communicate all the figure's body language in this piece. A clear example of this can be seen with the figures debating in the direction of one in-particular figure in the far right. Photos of this astonishing piece can not do enough justice as to witnessing the real thing in all its glory. 

As always after admiring artworks, I pick up an appetite and won ton noodle soup was defiantly on my mind for dinner before heading to life drawing for 2 hours at a wee vintage cafe just off brick lane. My new line: table for one please ... was used once again and has become a recurring thing in this new life style of mine. Still feels very weird saying it, not the sense there's anything wrong with eating alone in a restaurant but in the sense of having her to dine with and a good laugh for the past few years.

I will leave it here, as it is that time again, lunch time for me. I really need to start sketching out this image, as I'm going to be painting my latest mural on the London streets tomorrow called 'Stella Forever: Last Wish Goodbye'. 
Will update you all on my art and upcoming murals very soon.