My day trips out: Hunterian Museum

The Hunterian Museum is located in the Holborn area, literally a 5 minute walk from Holborn station but me being a bit silly, i walked straight pass it totally not realizing till i got to a dead end road. With there current show 'London's Lost Museums: Nature and medicine on show' i thought it was brilliant, having such a great collection of specimens and with so much information at hand.
when entering this very grand building The Royal College of Surgeons it is at 1st a bit daunting. Where you are given a wee museum visitors badge to put on, but as you go up the stairs with renaissance styled paintings, you find the entrance to the museum. You are welcomed at the doors with smiley faces where all that daunting feeling I once had went straight away. welcoming of staff asking, 'if its ones 1st time, if you needed any information or would like a free tour with others'. Which I thought was really nice of them to say especially when I was on my own visiting. 

Having numerous seats allocated all over the museum, it gave us visitors the option to engage with what was in front of us or just to enjoy the overwhelming atmosphere this collection surrenders. I can't even begin to say how many array of specimen in jars where here on show but there was a lot. Here are some sneaky wee photo's I took while walking round the museum fascinated by every display. 

As you've probably established, every jar is numbered and has a brief description of what it is which I found a great help, not knowing hardly anything about fetus's or even about the animal anatomy. I spent the next 2 hours reading and just admiring what these jars captivated!

For those who know me, know that i find walrus's so intriguing and if it was possible to have one  for a pet and ride its back following its adventures or sea life. In the photo above where jars numbered 3560/ 3561 are in fact walrus fetus's, amazing! 

The collection is spread across 2 floors and even had video footage on the second floor of the human body. One video I watched was of a brain tumor being removed from a woman head, the footage was really graphic and showed how it really is. I knew it was a life threatening operation to go through but just to watch it, makes you see it in a whole different way. 

By this point I was so hungry and thought it was time to leave and head out towards China Town London, to try out japanese restaurant Misato. Having heard so many things about this place, I wanted to test it out for myself and see what the fuss was about. Coming from a really cultured background (half Thai and half Mexican) and my parents owning numerous restaurants in the past, I like to see how they present themselves as a whole.

As for the past 5 months, Im still trying to find my feet again and trying to enjoy the small things in life. Having failed many times along the way and tumbled badly letting people down. Im still trying to learn to walk on my own and not feel so lost, no matter how confident I come across in person at my jobs or even when I'm out and about.

'Table for one please....'

In my conclusion, it was ok. The portion were presented on a raised massive plate to give it that extra illusion of quantity. It was great value for money for what it was, but the flavours itself I found pretty dull, the rice was a bit too dry for my personal taste. The service was ok and by doing so, they put a 10% on the bill automatically. 

my comment isn't fair to represent them as a whole with this one off occasion.
Il end it here otherwise I'll end up writing an essay and talking off matter, its lunch time for me. Im thinking mexican beans with a cheeky wee disco salad. 

Speak to you all soon,