I is for Incidental timings!

So - there we were on the ferry! Now I don't mind the ferry crossing because I put myself into a place of gay abandonment - after a nice meal, a bottle of wine I settled down for the night.......
Now dear Jon KNOWS I am a light sleeper and after 23 years of marriage knows it is unwise to wake me unecessarily......so when the cabin light came on I awoke immediately.
Jon, eyes like saucers was informing me the ferry was turning round - infact it had been for a while and he was convinced we were moving in a circle!
The captain made an announcement "Ladies and Gentlemen we are making a detour as a female passenger has left the ship and is in the water!"
Jon went outside to see what was going on and witnessed the rescue.

See the amazing footage from the RAF here.

Amazingly the girl survived!

The holiday was fantastic and I will share our adventure later as we only returned yesterday and the kitchen is back on.
Whilst we were in France we were aware that a hurricane was due for the |North East Coast the day we were returning on the ferry! Needless to say I managed to get myself in a state - a quiet state, just keeping my worries to myself. I must admit when Jon pointed out he had noticed the ship's name had been re-painted, this being bad luck did not really help. Then he pointed out the lower the deck the better or smoother a crossing would be - so to be on deck 1 or 2 was best....we were on deck 9!!! Prone to a bouncy crossing!!
My fears were in vain - the crossing was very smooth.
We left the ferry around 10am Monday and then came the motorbike ride home - in the wind!
I can honestly say it was one of the most frightening moments in my life! I could feel the bike being buffeted by the wind, and held on for dear life.
When we finally pulled up outside the front gates I felt a pope moment coming on - all I wanted to do was kiss the ground!
Home safe and sound!

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