'Teens Unite Fighting Cancer' Art Workshop

So a few weeks back, me and the team did a art workshop with Teens Unite Fighting Cancer at our studio in South London. We all did space graffiti on canvas's so they could take home there achievements for the day. woop woop 

Was a great day showing them such a easy process to create a space graffiti to be such fun for all levels of creativity. Along with putting up a 'TEENS UNITED' throw up on side of the studio. 

Felt really nice to make a difference in someone else's life than my own. 
This is what i needed for the past few months of not being myself and lost interest in caring about anything. I guess I missed caring and helping someone, who'd appreciate it and make the effort.  

These kids were great, such fast learners and dispite what they've been through so far i cannot feel or explain in words. They didn't let there past experiences ruin there day or even there day to day life in general. 

We all had fish and chips for lunch and a cheeky we bottle of water. Before and the teens got together to put up a wee mural on the wall and got them playing around with colours and working together.

Il leave it at this. I will be posting another post once i come back from my training session.

Robert and the teen's unite fighting cancer.