To Inhabit The Halflight Of My Own Paintings.

I have been meaning to post these final paintings i finished last month. Looking back at them i can see alot of anger and hatred from ones rough markings. I was going through a stage where i accepted what has happened but truly despised the way it all ended. It really gets me so angry and annoyed i try not to think about it but as always i do leaving me feeling sad. No matter how much i run, become a veggie, try to help others and work hard, i still feel so lost and hopeless. I guess its part of growing up, when you've hit rock bottom, all you can do is stand up and find your ways again.

At times i feel like a stranger in my own home town and began getting lost more and more, where i used to know London like the back of my hand. Its a weird feeling and I hope i feel alive soon. 

Anyways, here are some of the detail that went into the pair and slowly incorporating spray cans into my work a wee bit. Im happy with them but the marks i have created are a lot more darker/ rougher. Lets see what art show show they end up in. 

So i have started to prepare my next paintings at 5 and a half meters i didn't know where to start. Even just to have it unfolded out like this, i laid on it and contemplating its true scale in comparison with myself.

As you properly seen in previous posts, a messy studio... but now its all clean and super organized. check my paint stand loving her new surroundings!

I go running 5 days a week and drink afterwards every time a banana milkshake and if there's oranges, I freshly squeeze them badboi them to make a lush juice. Im on that vitamin C. 

I best go and start gathering my weapons now, since the London Riots has hit down my road literally and god knows what's going to happen for the rest of the night or whats going to become of it. Its so out of hands its unreal!!

Speak to you all soon
Love of love