Table for one please.

In a dream I was a werewolf, my soul was filled with crystal light,
lavender ribbons of rain sang, ridding my heart of mortal fight.

I was brought up in China Town (London) through out my childhood but never really drew much of my surroundings. If anything I tried escaping the time, not really accepting my background being half Thai as a kid. These days i embrace it if anything along with my Mexican side as always. I have been working on some observational drawings in China Town for the past month or so, playing with composition and typogragphy. Along witheating many bowls of Won Ton noodle soups and my favourate cheeky dim sum treat Cha Siu Baau buns. Having moved back perminantly to London, I've found the time to start drawing people alot more on a daily basis, when I'm out or even when one iseating at a restaurant. 

These days when i go into a restaurant I say 'table for one please' and joined by others like myself eating alone. The hardest challenge i have found yet, is drawing people while they eat without them knowing or missing the company as one once had. All these drawings I have been working on and still am, are based in China Town will be going into a self published zine titled 'China Town: Dim Sum'. An exciting 24 paged bodyof work ranging from observational drawings, to some more illustrated pieces and drawings of things I find interesting or different. Below are 3/4 sneaky preview spreads out of a total of 12 from whats to come from this zine. Along with some photo's of sketch work material.

I will reveal more sneaky news on this subject matter soon. I will be changing around/ updating this website at the end of September when all my deadlines are over with my current works. As mentioned before,I should have these cheapy cheap A5 zine printed, numbered and wrapped up for people to buy, ready for Christmas 2011, woop woop.