Sanna Awoke With Knee's Of Gold And Wooden Shoes

For the past 2 months, all I have thought about is going to Scotland once again. With a constant notion of sitting off the path-ment in Glasgow's eating one my favourate dishe's: haggis.

Surrounded by its dark but distinct architecture, I always find it blissful every time i come to visit each year with my sketchbook and pencils. Recently I have been told by the lovely Sanna Dyker, a talented Illustator from Dundee that a must see visit in Scotland is 'Sanna Bay'.

From what i read on 'Sanna Bay' it is a beautiful place to explore with lots of rocks and white sand. There are lots of shells as well as rock pools to check for marine life. It is as one of the most painted beaches in Scotland. And on top of that, Sanna Dyker was named after it.  

No matter how hard we fall from a long term break up, we save ourselves and rise like the ocean tide moving forwards. As always, I'm very much looking forward to touring one of my places once again with my sketchbook/ camera and have new adventures. 

A cheeky wee sketch at my desk and see how optimize this image!

Tape - Eyes 

With lots more new work's to come in the next two weeks, I'm excited to show you all.