My wee home trips!

So I have been to a few art shows in the past few days and painted abit too. Here is a cheeky shot of gallery shows i aimed to visit along any others i bumped into along the way. It was a great day visiting and being inspired by some of these great artist's. I started my journey in London Kings Cross for Takashi Murakami show at the Gagosian gallery.

Here are some of the photos from his show/ instillation. 

Than went to Jake or Dinos Chapman at White Cube, Hoxton Square. They have more of there work showing at Masons Yard so will be visiting that later this week. In the end i think i visited about 8 shows. I will when i have time write a full review of all the shows i have been to this month and see where that takes me in my personal conclusion.

Some words from last night London Riot down my road. 

what im currently working on at the moment. 

For those who don't know,  I have recently started using Instagram to capture selected part of my day to day life, so follow me on there if you have an account and keep watch.

Speak to you all soon everyone.