My day trips out: Rinse the Skream.

Rinse FM have put up a pop up show down in Shoreditch, just off brick lane. Rinse FM is a British underground music community for DJ's and MC's fresh meat and upcoming grime artist play there beats on air. Was really to see these vinyls and photography prints displayed as a body of work, an achievement, an exciting body of work and for sure showed there personality in the self portraits.Here are some sneaky pics of the vinyl display. 

Always have loved The Benga & Coki : night cover. despite how many times its been played for the past 5 years at raves, clubs, house parties or even when i draw at my desk. I still love the song and always has a wee dance when im at the studio painting alone. Im sure many of you will have heard of it somewhere, if not here is the music video for it. 

I will leave it at this as its pretty late and i should get some sleep, will post more about my art and more exciting places I have visited recently super soon.