My day trips out: Day To Day, Ocean To River.

Hey everyone,

its been a wee while know since i last posted on here, been pretty busy on my side. working on a few illustrations and putting together my final drawings towards some new paintings i will be starting next week i hope. So these days i spend alot of time on my own, now that i have moved back to london permanently.... for now. Even if im thinking of moving to scotland at some point, but have too many responsibilities here in london for now.

Anyways i visited a few shows in the past few weeks and exploring my home town London, since i spent the past 6 years away in Kent. As many of you know, places like London never stay the same, always new places pop up, wether its gallery shows, restaurants, events or even the people. So been exploring what there is and maybe might influence my way of thinking and my art in that matter.

Spending a fair amount of time once a week on Time Out London's website, i found so many things to do here in my home town and i love to travel so thats not a problem for me. I started my day as usual with my morning run, banana milkshake, shower than straight out the front door i was ready to explore my 'to do list' i always plan each week.

It was a brilliant show, having a back to back show, Jake and Dinos Chapman brothers. One of them at Hoxton White Cube and the other at Masons Yard it was well curated and both very similar but saw different personalities from each other. Here are some wee snippets of what i get up to during the day.
One of the owners of a chinese restaurant i go to now and again,was in the loo so hard to take a sneaky photo.

Where i ate a cheeky wee bowl of won ton noodle soup, my usual.


Afte a lush soup as always, i headed down to Haunch Of Venison, where Giuseppe Penone and Richard Long where show casing there instillations of there own journeys with natural elements including long walks, trees, stones, water and sap. Loved the white spacing and how they emphasized on various elements in the show.

Followed by visiting Patrick Hughes 'Flower show'

that was really interesting, his previous works have been better i felt but as always got one spinning around the room in circle a few times as i tried figuring out how he does it so well. Mind you, i must had looked pretty odd on my own spinning on the spot and probs looked like i was dancing on my own. lol

Tofu Katsura Ju

il leave it at this, it was a brilliant day and as always got my thinking about my career path and how to shape my own artworks better.

Speak to you all soon,