My day trips out: Battle Of Waterloo.

Morning everyone, so i went to see my mate Parlee paint at the graffiti competition "The Battle Of Waterloo"under waterloo station aka Leak street, a legal graffiti zone. Where over 40 graffiti writers came along and did there thing, there was hardly any street art... well none at all, so was nice to Parlee keeping it real. Bringing in his weird but cute looking character, a trademark that have started popping up even more across london's walls.

I havent seen him paint in over a month, since i've been away from the studio working on smaller personal projects. So was nice and refreshing to see how much his work just keeps on developing since i last saw him at the studio.

So i went down to support him and see what other writers had to offer before i had to head off to my evening/ night job. Managed to hang out with Rich and Steph which is always nice, since I have been isolating myself for a while working on new idea's and illustrations. Slowly trying to develop my work and cutting street art out my head for a while. So when i come back to that side of my life, il be full of energy and shouldn't have to think too much when boshing out expressive lines across walls.

Steph in mid pose with Parlee piece, along with the progression on his mural he produced for the competition. In my eyes, he executed it so well and served up alot of the writers there even if he didnt write any type. I love the wee man expression on his face and how these Transformer-like character 's are either chasing after him or he is in command. Going by the wee man's body talk its hard since his face is pretty intense, in all fairness its on of them epic scenes captured you sometimes see in classic war paintings. 

We saw a load of massive sunflowers and they looked so sad. Probably because they were so big they couldnt keep there head up anymore or maybe one having a bad hair day? Steph posed in front of it as if it was a shower hose, as you can tell her attempt of her in the shower supposedly failed.Who actually showers like that, standing there posing as if for some swagger magazine, lol

heres another street art piece by the Lost Boyz, i saw at the graffiti battle which drew in a big audience surrounding it and was in fairness by the entrance of the tunnel. drawing in the public walking near by.

il leave it here for now, time to make some brunch and get sketching as one has a load of story boarding along with idea's need executing onto paper.

speak to you all soon,