Most Haunted!

So recently, amougst my crazy life style of drawing, spraying, painting and working a load to pay the bills. I have started search for a place to move into for 2012, its about time I rebuild my new life in London. But coming from a household thats superstitious, questions raised about it, 'Must be careful Robert, of the ghosts that own it' or 'Do you know who lived in it previoiusly and how they die!'.

So at this rate, it looks like I will be build my own house with my own wee arms in a holy place?.... 
Or i might have to call in my good chums from way back, 'Most Haunted' to help me out. 

I have been working from home the past 2 weeks, just to get away from the smell of paint at the studio and to clear my mind in a different way of thinking. Its what i need in order to move forward with my work and just paint at a big scale or with spray cans and big brushes. Its nice to sit at my desk and not worry about spending too much money on train fairs and snacking. 
But will be back at the studio next week though i need to start painting this massive 5 and a half meter canvas as i have previously talked about. Im taking this time out the studio to sketch it all up than optimize it as much as possible. 

Speak to you all very soon amigo's