In with the new!

I have a new laptop - breaking away from Toshiba which we have both tended to favour - mine is a Samsung S3510. My previous laptop had gradually got worse and worse, getting to the point of frustration as it would take so may attempts and acts of patience to get online. The problems started creeping in gradually - a few minutes here, a few "freezes" here but slowly and slowly the problems developed until it was intollerable. Whilst I am no wizz kid and would never consider myself as a geek (heaven forbid _ I am a blonde after all) I did have the necessary knowledge (basic) to be able to re-format my laptop when things got worse. I also regularly de-bug, defragment and clear up disk space - but enough was enough!
Jon is the technically minded one - so on Monday we tootled over to Curry's or is it now PC World - whoever - I think they are all the same now - we went there and after a relatively short time, talking to the geek and looking along the shelves we purchased this one.
It wasn't as expensive as the rest but I didn't need the functions which a lot were offering.  The geek asked me if I do much online gaming - did I need a console etc etc (do I look as though I do?) and when we said "No" he suggested this one together with a security and office package - and a cordless mouse and case, oh and a flash drive.
Arriving home I went through the necessary procedure to start up, link up and get online and here I am!
It is a pleasure to use and now I realise how bad the previous one was.

Similar thing happened in Homebase. I opened the door to an integrated fridge and was totally blown away! It was the basic model too - but nevertheless I was totally awestruck.

Our current fridge is an integrated one too, but it is old and in a serious state of disrepair. A few of the door shelves have broken as have the interior shelves/racks too. It is under the worktop - so not the most accessible. I can hardly wait for the new one to arrive!
It just goes to show how I have simply not noticed how  things have deteriorated around me and how we have put up with it all!