Right........????? This is our kitchen as it is at 10am Tuesday! Today, my task is to remove the tiles. We removed the wall cupboards yesterday - after I had driven to Harrogate and back I hasten to add - AND with a satnav who had an identity crisis!!!!!!

All wall cupboards will be removed today and tomorrow I will take off all the remaining wall tiles.The Rayburn is safe under a cover!

I find it helps to post pictures here - it gives people an idea of the pigsty we call our kitchen - I KNOW as people read this they will look at their own kitchens and realise they could never live in such squalor! lol! I also know that it is a work in progress and the same people will see the finished work in a few weeks and see the work we have done. Yes it is hard work but we are coping. Believe it or not I feel organised and can see a plan emerging.........well I think it's a plan - it could be the first stage of madness!
Oh and I keep telling myself - in two weeks time, 10am Tuesday morning we will be disembarking from the ferry and biking through Holland, Belguim and onto France - if you see us, give us a wave! lol!
Watch this space!

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