Featured on Sarah Akwisombe aka 'Goldielocks'

Recently at the studio we gained a great asset named Sarah Akwisombe the team at the studio.
We all agree it was what we needed, a woman's touch and fresh meat to remind us what we are doing right/ wrong in the process of getting our artworks exposed to a bigger crowed. As artist's we all just get so focused in our work, we forget the business/ exposure side of things. Helping to expose with what the team stand for and my painted side do. We are all very excited and to see the team rise along with her carreer. Click here to see what sweet words and images she featured on her website about me!

Sarah Akwisombe is a trendsetter, influential role model and pioneer. She has become something of a leader for the young, intelligent and alternative. At only 26 her candid, straight talking, outrageously ambitious persona has gained her many fans and followers. Whilst paving her own way in business, she sets the bar in delivering social and charity work to young people. Check out one of her own beats on the video above and her website, its actually brilliant to see someone achieve so much and still is rising!

Thanks again Sarah for the cheeky feature,