E is for......electrical stuff!

Well, it is the 16th today - the kitchen is being delivered in 10 days time. The plasterer is booked for the week commencing 29th August - by which time all the electrical work needs to be completed, the current units removed, the door fitted and the sink moved. If I say the list quickly it doesn't sound so bad - but yes, there is still stuff to do, much is totally out of my control. However - one thing I can do is, once the units are removed I CAN remove the tiles........ (hmmmm !)
Jon has been really busy, but this afternoon we have been out looking for lights - and we have bought some, ready to be fitted. Jon, bless him, did explain about the transformers (I thought these were some sort of toy my nephews played with - robotic vans etc) and to be honest he may have well explained the operstions of robotic super power for all the good his explaining did. I don't know what it is about explanations - totally above my head, but with Jon being 5' 11" and me being 5' 1" this is to be expected, nay celebrated!
Having such fantastic blogging friends out there who have been through the kitchen experience, it is great to feel encouraged, nay inspired by such people, for instance Kath - you can read all about her fantastic transformation  Here .
So..........let the work continue and progress begin!
Watch this space!