The Cookie Monster & The Girls.

So i have recently been in love with typography and slowly drawing more and less characters. I think they both play a major roll in our everday lives and been meaning to use in my work for the past few years. Being half Thai and half Mexican I naturally do my food shopping at different places such as chinese supermarkets, specialist latino food stores and off course china town to suit all my needs. The packaging to alot of the products i find truely fascination in the sense of typography and the use of colour. Slowly i have started documenting and incorporating it into my works.  Above I chose to write in chinese the words "Cookie Monster" along with how you pronouns it below. 

After work at the gallery i bopped into Tatty Devine just off Brick Lane, London. To see there current show titled "Girls and Zine" where only women illustrators could exhibit there zines and even the music in the store were of female artist. It was a great atmosphere while engaging with all zines.

I will leave it at that. since i need to start working on some new material and will be updating my website with 2 new wee pieces tomorrow night. So keep watch everyone.

Love from the R to the Toes,