Amelia And The Monsters

After executing extensive mural's across the London area and painting ginormas scaled paintings at the studio, I decided to take a break from being on my wee feet constantly. 

Carrying a massive rucksack bursting full of spray cans, pots of paint, brushes, stencils, sketchbook and my ladder on my shoulders. Before starting my next mighty peice canvas at 5 and a half meter's, I wanted to work on some illustrations. I have longed and missed drawing at my big desk playing with typography and imagery, with the company of my ink potsand pencils. Having now spend a whole week sketching and playing around with fresh material.  
I finally started off with bringing to life 'Amelia And The Monsters'.

Amelia Smash, a miss understood girl who ends up living with 3 bitchy girls, being the mature one out the bunch, she keeps far away from them,not to bring herself down to there level. But when everyone is out she brings over her gang of sneaky monsters, where they have fun doing streetdance choreography's, letting loose sharp shapes and body popping moves all over the place. This allows her to keep sane and to follow herchildhood dream on being a dancer. 

I have created a hand-drawn typography poster which will follow with 4 wee illustrations under title 'Amelia And The Monster's'. Im currently working on loads of illustrations for the next two weeks solidly, so shall be updatingmore matieral on here in a few days. 

I also went to see the lovely Gemma Correll to do a wee chat about her work at Regent Street, london Apple Store. It was absolutely amazing and she really did so well despite being her 1st time talking to a large number of people that attended her chat. Also managed to get the cardboard cut out of her pet pug 'Mr Norman Pickle', that appears in her work alot along with cats.

View my website to see sneaky snap shots on 'experimental' of my daily routine at the studio and random aspect's of my life.

Speak to you all very soon and keep watch everyone.