7th Stella Forever mural and it still brakes me in two.

Hey everyone! 

So been pretty busy in the streets painting up murals of Stella Forever across London for the past 3 months. I find it therapeutic to paint her, thought this time was the 1st time I painted a only her head. Every time i paint Stella Forever i feel a little part of me disappears and it does hurt to paint them, they remind me every time of great memories and how my life has completely changed now because of it.. 

although I didnt get as upset as I  did when i painted my 1st Stella Forever mural, so was easier to paint her. It was a spontaneous day, where Talia, Steph and myself deciding to go have fun painting and muck about before I had to head off to work.

Here are some of the cheeky photos of Stella Forever!!

This is how Steph and I roll when it comes for ultimate hight painting on the street, and even had a wee audiance watching while drinking there cheeky bottle of cider on the floor. 

I threw my arm all over the place letting out my anger and everything thats still bottled up inside me. Altho i was chuffed that i got some fresh new creps on my feet. so was nice to bust them out and dont mind if i get them covered in paint or messy! I think i got so used being covered in paint so a wee bit of paint im sure wont hurt a fly...

Steph finishing her muffin robot up 2nd with Talia soon after with her own/ Steph portrait with crazy cool colours. Being Talia 1st time painting, it was super nice to show her the basic ropes and see her having fun doing something out her comfort zone.  

My mural next to my good friend Parlee's whom i share the studio with too, check his work out too, its brilliant!! and on the right hand side is Steph final yummy muffin robot. Woop Woop.
Was nice to see the entire wall covered with my paint crew just off Brick Lane, London.

il leave it at this, its getting really late and should sleep. i keep falling asleep at my desk again nearly every night round about 4am. But today i will sleep and not draw or work on this crazy 'The Fall Of Hurican Ramirez' story board im currently working on. Its going so well but will talk more about this subject matter on a later post.

Till than lovers and Stella Forever,