My day trips out: Barbican, Watch Me Move

Hey all, I have been meaning to blog about this show  I went to the other week. But been so busy recently executing a few images and getting lost around the place so it has taken some time I apologize. Blogging in the early hours of the day is the only time i can find to be on my own and be at one with my thought.  So it was a really wet and horrible day where the clouds were having a complete wobbly and were not stopping any time soon.  I made forth with a big brolly that would maintain and battle against this chaotic weather that stood between me and visiting this show on my day off.

Surprisingly I have never been to the Barbican before, so it was a 1st for me and was really excited to witness its great scale inside. Also I never hearing of a bad show the Barbican have ever put on. After entering the building and being directed to the 3rd floor to the entrance to 'Watch Me Move' I was confused and questioned , how big is this place and will my wee self ever get out? or was it a small show?

But yes when I arrived, it was a grand entrance as if the bottom 3 levels below me never existed.

The first room was big and in pitch black which were sectioned off  with wee curtains to give that cinema feel, even if one had to stand to view all the various black and white footage they had accumulated. Short films dating from the 1890's Lumiere Bothers (Le Sequette)  which were of skeletons dancing which i thought were brilliant to the 1930's Fleisher Brothers, most known for Koko the clown leading to (Betty Boo- Snow White).  For those who haven't seen it before. here it is. 

I remember watching this for the 1st time at university. I was in my 1st year and as per usual fell asleep throughout the lecture but my mate woke me up for this animation, since he knew I wouldnt want to miss this even, if i did enjoy a good snooze in lectures. Looking back i wished i stayed away and might have learnt more on the art history side of things. Rather than now learning all about it properly. 

There are so many epic elements in this animation by the Fleisher Brothers, I love!.
Throughout the entire short film, it just flows so naturally visually wise, having a great relationship with the words and music taken into account. Putting these elements together, they still managing to push so much life into the characters and emotion. Betty Boo established for her flirtiness, big eye lashes can be seen at 2 mins 26. Where she sings while crying (crocodile tear's) to the two guards who are ment to execute her. But are left crying from her sweet words destroying there tools. 

When Koko the clown starts to sing some blue's at 4 mins 30 changing into significant elements one after a another, It truly amazes me every time!! No matter now many times i watch it. It has that unique flare that todays cartoons just miss out on. Ending with the classic cartoon case, its where alot of cartoons are inspired today, such as Tom and Jerry.

Not knowing, I wasn't allowed to take photo's, getting out my camera and being obvious as possibly can be taking photo's.  Naturally i got caught and told, one wasn't allowed so that explains for the lack of photos or odd angled ones since I had to do it more sneakier than the raccoons do when stealing Halah meat burgers from KFC. So I apologize now for the lack of them.

I entered this massive room that had two mammoth like screens on either end screening different things. One screen that followed the title 'super human power', rotating 10 min clips from 10 different films where animation have played a major roll in. For example Akira, Ghost in a shell, Sailor Moon and man more.  As for the other screen,  it had more playful animations such as the Simpsons, Pop Eye, The Flintstones, Who Framed Roger Rabbit and many more alike. I sat there for quite a while on the soft chairs and headphones provided. 

After reading posters and watching various video's about the lifeline of animation so far, it was a fascinating read and made some notes about this in m journal.  I than ended up in a room where it was full of award winning short film animations, along with other ground breaking ones that the Barbican selected. I have jotted some of the ones i thought were brilliant in my journal. Don't know how well you can see the names in the photo, but its there either way if you want to know the names i thought worth noting to myself. 

By the end, I spent 5 hours watching crazy amount of animations. at 1 point my stomach was rumbling and even had a cheeky wee nap in one of the many booths allocated per screen.  After watching a crazy amount of foreign short films on the 2nd level for nearly 2 hours.  I wouldn't even know where to start telling you about them. Took a photo of one, where it was a chinese series about a big and his friend the monkey, getting up to mischief and supposedly saving china from demons. 

I could write more about this but I still need to reply to a few emails before I get ready for bed. Another long day tomorrow. Will be at the Brick Lane Gallery open night as always doing my thing than onto life drawing in a wee cafe for a cheeky wee 30 minute's session, literally 30 seconds walk from the gallery. 

In conclusion to this show, it was worth the £12 entrance fee and going hungry for a few hours so i could stay there longer to enjoy the endless amount of short films brought together by the Barbican.  

Im still yet to post up some new material too on here but will by the end of this week. 

Speak to you all soon 

G is for Gutted!












Things are getting pretty serious now! Yesterday we spent a long hard day removing the sink, boiler and granite worktops. The necessary plumbing and electrics have been done, ready for the plasterer on Thursday. I am without a sink but the dishwasher remains.......I am hanging onto that until the last possible moment I can tell you!
Our pals Spud and Tony are here today building the units.... we'll just see how things go.
Remaining calm and collected - be it a tad tired I am just getting on with matters, knowing all will be so much better very soon.
Next post will feature the plastered walls.......
watch this space!

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Diet Progress

last week at Slimming World I achieved my 1 and a half stone award - Each week I chissel away at the diet and whilst I haven't had big weekly losses nevertheless it is steps in the right direction.


I have another half stone which I want to get rid of, bringing my total weight loss to 2 stone. Once I achieve that I will consider the next step, or if there will be one - not sure.
The photo above (I am front row 2nd from the left) shows those of us who were nominated for woman of the year award. The lady next to me, Frances was the winner - she has lost 10 stone!
A great part of the success is down to the support we give and receive within the group.
I also received my Gold Body Magic award - for the extensive exercise I do - what with walking Freida and extreme DIY!
Talking of extreme DIY I can hear Jon removing the old boiler......... better go and help!

Kitchen Developments

Remember this?

It now looks like this.

Remember this?

It now looks like this.

My job has been to remove all the tiles...and clear the kitchen.

Jon has been busy with his new cordless drill.

Sorting out the lights - ready for plasterer on Thursday who is skimming the ceiling.

There are a coup[le of sockets to fit.

The 20 year old patio door is being replaced with a window and full size door (infact it is happening as I type here) 

Yesterday the kitchen was delivered - in torrential rain!

You can see the weather conditions through the window!

The delivery lads were very very wet - they welcomed the tea and toast I made for them.

Watch this space!

Table for one please.

In a dream I was a werewolf, my soul was filled with crystal light,
lavender ribbons of rain sang, ridding my heart of mortal fight.

I was brought up in China Town (London) through out my childhood but never really drew much of my surroundings. If anything I tried escaping the time, not really accepting my background being half Thai as a kid. These days i embrace it if anything along with my Mexican side as always. I have been working on some observational drawings in China Town for the past month or so, playing with composition and typogragphy. Along witheating many bowls of Won Ton noodle soups and my favourate cheeky dim sum treat Cha Siu Baau buns. Having moved back perminantly to London, I've found the time to start drawing people alot more on a daily basis, when I'm out or even when one iseating at a restaurant. 

These days when i go into a restaurant I say 'table for one please' and joined by others like myself eating alone. The hardest challenge i have found yet, is drawing people while they eat without them knowing or missing the company as one once had. All these drawings I have been working on and still am, are based in China Town will be going into a self published zine titled 'China Town: Dim Sum'. An exciting 24 paged bodyof work ranging from observational drawings, to some more illustrated pieces and drawings of things I find interesting or different. Below are 3/4 sneaky preview spreads out of a total of 12 from whats to come from this zine. Along with some photo's of sketch work material.

I will reveal more sneaky news on this subject matter soon. I will be changing around/ updating this website at the end of September when all my deadlines are over with my current works. As mentioned before,I should have these cheapy cheap A5 zine printed, numbered and wrapped up for people to buy, ready for Christmas 2011, woop woop.


My day trips out: Battle Of Waterloo.

Morning everyone, so i went to see my mate Parlee paint at the graffiti competition "The Battle Of Waterloo"under waterloo station aka Leak street, a legal graffiti zone. Where over 40 graffiti writers came along and did there thing, there was hardly any street art... well none at all, so was nice to Parlee keeping it real. Bringing in his weird but cute looking character, a trademark that have started popping up even more across london's walls.

I havent seen him paint in over a month, since i've been away from the studio working on smaller personal projects. So was nice and refreshing to see how much his work just keeps on developing since i last saw him at the studio.

So i went down to support him and see what other writers had to offer before i had to head off to my evening/ night job. Managed to hang out with Rich and Steph which is always nice, since I have been isolating myself for a while working on new idea's and illustrations. Slowly trying to develop my work and cutting street art out my head for a while. So when i come back to that side of my life, il be full of energy and shouldn't have to think too much when boshing out expressive lines across walls.

Steph in mid pose with Parlee piece, along with the progression on his mural he produced for the competition. In my eyes, he executed it so well and served up alot of the writers there even if he didnt write any type. I love the wee man expression on his face and how these Transformer-like character 's are either chasing after him or he is in command. Going by the wee man's body talk its hard since his face is pretty intense, in all fairness its on of them epic scenes captured you sometimes see in classic war paintings. 

We saw a load of massive sunflowers and they looked so sad. Probably because they were so big they couldnt keep there head up anymore or maybe one having a bad hair day? Steph posed in front of it as if it was a shower hose, as you can tell her attempt of her in the shower supposedly failed.Who actually showers like that, standing there posing as if for some swagger magazine, lol

heres another street art piece by the Lost Boyz, i saw at the graffiti battle which drew in a big audience surrounding it and was in fairness by the entrance of the tunnel. drawing in the public walking near by.

il leave it here for now, time to make some brunch and get sketching as one has a load of story boarding along with idea's need executing onto paper.

speak to you all soon, 

My day trips out: Rinse the Skream.

Rinse FM have put up a pop up show down in Shoreditch, just off brick lane. Rinse FM is a British underground music community for DJ's and MC's fresh meat and upcoming grime artist play there beats on air. Was really to see these vinyls and photography prints displayed as a body of work, an achievement, an exciting body of work and for sure showed there personality in the self portraits.Here are some sneaky pics of the vinyl display. 

Always have loved The Benga & Coki : night cover. despite how many times its been played for the past 5 years at raves, clubs, house parties or even when i draw at my desk. I still love the song and always has a wee dance when im at the studio painting alone. Im sure many of you will have heard of it somewhere, if not here is the music video for it. 

I will leave it at this as its pretty late and i should get some sleep, will post more about my art and more exciting places I have visited recently super soon.