Stella Forever - Acceptance

Past month has been pretty hectic on my side and been really busy at the studio. Been working on new material for shows and sorting myself out. Im getting alot better now, still go for my run every morning at 8am to follow with a fresh banana milkshake i look so forward to make. I've really got in shape in the past 2 month. Last night was the 1st time i felt happy and didn't think about the past. Even if i had a haircut that morning and was abit too short for my likings.... Its the next step to acceptance and starting my life again. I may be a fool, karma ain't.

Here are some photo's of my daily life and what I've been up to. Will be posting my new art material on here and my website within the next week. Be excited!! 

Biggest childhood memories with my sister. Spent most of it in china down and still do till today.

So I took part in The Cally Festival doing some live art and got my Rubbertoe's out for the kids.
Felt nice to muck around with the paints and not think about what i was doing. After being in the studio working on new material. 18 hour's a day and becoming so in depth with paintings i have to execute for a few shows my work will be exhibiting within the next 2 months. As you can imaging, i started going abit mad and sick of painting by this point. 

Than i met this babe, she was brilliant!

Than had to rush back to the studio from the festival it was to do an all nighter and finish off paintings "The Phoenix and the hunter" for a major deadline. Which you'll all see in my next post. Lots of goodies to come.

Brilliant night!

Getting my swagger on at the studio!

Will be posting my latest material and can witness how i live my 2nd life at the studio. 
speak to you all soon and remember, karma going to get you Stella Forever.