'The Phoenix And The Hunter' - Amelia Smash & Stella Forever

Hey everyone, just a cheeky wee update with my 2 latest piece's out of 30 to come out in the new 2 half months. Lots of painting, zine and screen prints coming out at you. be excited everyone. my work has begin to flourish and gradually take shape after the rough patch where i didnt do much but ran, ran, ran, ran and a full murals of Stella Forever. I guess i still do the same with running every morning no matter, raining, thunder, sun, windy or snow if it comes this time of year =/ and throwing paint all over the place across street walls of her.  After bashing out sketches left right and center, i needed my other hand to join in. These massive paired paintings are titled "The Phoenix and the hunter".
Subtitled: Left - Amelia Smash
Subtitled: Right - Stella Forever

A dark story about two characters who despise each other and have different intention's but have no choice but to get on.

cheeky wee shot of the house. 

I present you the studio, been working on a few paintings at the same time but these two had to be done first being the biggest and most in demand. So after regaining my love for drawing coming back 2 weeks ago, I haven't stopped and been working on new material at the studio and really pushing myself out my comfort zone. I will be creating a painting using my other hand with a totally different subject matter to my usual, lets see what marks i come out with. will post about this next week.  For now here are some captured moments of what my life has consisted of the past week while painting 'The Phoenix and the hunter'.

Today my rucksack consisted of.... 

Bought wood and dragged it back from the wood shop on a skateboard across the hight street back to the studio to build the massive canvas's and get the DIY swagger on !

The bare bones.

Felt really bad, don't know how this big fella got into my paint and bounced off my canvas. when i was literally dunking a massive brush in a tub of white paint pelting it at the canvas.  

I spend alot of time in the bath tub at the studio too when deep in thought or eating my lunch..

The studio in full swing.

It does get really a bit lonely and no one to text on Friday nights eating dinner for one....

My setup on working on the hand and wee house.

got the basic image out and was time to start throwing in the wee elements and movement that will bring the images together and unify them. 

Amelia Smash

Stella Forever

These massive pair of lovely canvas's finished at 1am that night.

Shall leave it at that since I got to shoot off and start my day. Having a few things to sort organize and get my life back on track. Still feeling really disappointed from it all but guess im the better person in this and being mature about the whole situation. As my best mate said to me the other day- 'Rob you are brilliant and the best guy i know, never forget that'. I have that thought to live by for now. 

Shall speak to you all soon.