I haven't been home in a long time.

Hey everyone so, i have completed another two wee paintings to add to the collecting. After building over 30 canvas's when i was 16. 7 years have passed if anything, they only gained dust sitting behind my bed and now i have found a purpose for them. 

It has been completely mental the past months for me. Im either working at my jobs or at the studio painting to forget everything but like everyone thinking into things too much just gets you so angry and bitter. So these portraits were ment to be pretty really cute but  after thinking of how things were last summer. I lost it going crazy with my brushes/hands on there faces and it changed to my original sketch i had in mind. Will be adding a few little touches to them though, after just looking them a few days later. 

Stella Forever and Amelia Smash!

Will post the final photos of the finished pieces in my next post when I'm at the studio later this week, been preparing the next image's. Going to be pretty mental next week at the studio!

Also I have been drawing and drinking lots of these lately...

Karma going to get you Stella Forever!

Speak to you all very soon,