I haven't been home in a long time.

Hey everyone so, i have completed another two wee paintings to add to the collecting. After building over 30 canvas's when i was 16. 7 years have passed if anything, they only gained dust sitting behind my bed and now i have found a purpose for them. 

It has been completely mental the past months for me. Im either working at my jobs or at the studio painting to forget everything but like everyone thinking into things too much just gets you so angry and bitter. So these portraits were ment to be pretty really cute but  after thinking of how things were last summer. I lost it going crazy with my brushes/hands on there faces and it changed to my original sketch i had in mind. Will be adding a few little touches to them though, after just looking them a few days later. 

Stella Forever and Amelia Smash!

Will post the final photos of the finished pieces in my next post when I'm at the studio later this week, been preparing the next image's. Going to be pretty mental next week at the studio!

Also I have been drawing and drinking lots of these lately...

Karma going to get you Stella Forever!

Speak to you all very soon,

Look what I found

When wondering around the attic of the local Honda shop, I found a set of original C110 footpeg rubbers, no longer available from Honda directly.
Found these in a bunch of NOS parts they have.

The 153cc SZ-R version SZ-X

The 153cc SZ-R is a modern & sporty version of SZ-X which is a powerful, comfortable and stylish commuter. The muscular SZ-R is targeted at commuter customers with their sports-oriented interests and is designed to create the sensation of “High Speed”. The bike comes with front disc brake, tachometer and has tank protector added to the fuel tank to make it appear even larger. Furthermore, the shroud of the standard SZ-X model is replaced by an aerodynamic spoiler that extends out boldly and is given the same silver coloring as the side covers. The bike also has clear lens flasher, colored handle grip end bar, painted muffler end caps along with special graphics.


  • Engine type Air cooled, 4 stroke, SOHC, 2-Valve
  • Displacement 153 cc
  • Bore & Stroke 58.0 X 57.9mm
  • Compression ratio 9.5:1
  • Maximum output 12.1PS/7500rpm
  • Maximum torque 12.8Nm/4500rpm
  • Starting system Electric Start
  • Lubrication wet sump
  • Cylinder layout Single cylinder
  • Clutch type wet, multiple disc
  • Ignition system C.D.I
  • Fuel supply Carburettor
  • Battery 12V,5 AH(10H)
  • Headlight Halogen bulb (12 V, 35/35 W)
  • Primary/Secondary reduction ratios 3.409/3.000
  • Tranmission type 5 gear constant mesh
  • Caster/Trail 26 degree/99 mm
  • Gear ratios 1st=2.714, 2nd=1.789, 3rd=1.318, 4th=1.045, 5th=0.916
source : yamaha-motor-india.com

'The Phoenix And The Hunter' - Amelia Smash & Stella Forever

Hey everyone, just a cheeky wee update with my 2 latest piece's out of 30 to come out in the new 2 half months. Lots of painting, zine and screen prints coming out at you. be excited everyone. my work has begin to flourish and gradually take shape after the rough patch where i didnt do much but ran, ran, ran, ran and a full murals of Stella Forever. I guess i still do the same with running every morning no matter, raining, thunder, sun, windy or snow if it comes this time of year =/ and throwing paint all over the place across street walls of her.  After bashing out sketches left right and center, i needed my other hand to join in. These massive paired paintings are titled "The Phoenix and the hunter".
Subtitled: Left - Amelia Smash
Subtitled: Right - Stella Forever

A dark story about two characters who despise each other and have different intention's but have no choice but to get on.

cheeky wee shot of the house. 

I present you the studio, been working on a few paintings at the same time but these two had to be done first being the biggest and most in demand. So after regaining my love for drawing coming back 2 weeks ago, I haven't stopped and been working on new material at the studio and really pushing myself out my comfort zone. I will be creating a painting using my other hand with a totally different subject matter to my usual, lets see what marks i come out with. will post about this next week.  For now here are some captured moments of what my life has consisted of the past week while painting 'The Phoenix and the hunter'.

Today my rucksack consisted of.... 

Bought wood and dragged it back from the wood shop on a skateboard across the hight street back to the studio to build the massive canvas's and get the DIY swagger on !

The bare bones.

Felt really bad, don't know how this big fella got into my paint and bounced off my canvas. when i was literally dunking a massive brush in a tub of white paint pelting it at the canvas.  

I spend alot of time in the bath tub at the studio too when deep in thought or eating my lunch..

The studio in full swing.

It does get really a bit lonely and no one to text on Friday nights eating dinner for one....

My setup on working on the hand and wee house.

got the basic image out and was time to start throwing in the wee elements and movement that will bring the images together and unify them. 

Amelia Smash

Stella Forever

These massive pair of lovely canvas's finished at 1am that night.

Shall leave it at that since I got to shoot off and start my day. Having a few things to sort organize and get my life back on track. Still feeling really disappointed from it all but guess im the better person in this and being mature about the whole situation. As my best mate said to me the other day- 'Rob you are brilliant and the best guy i know, never forget that'. I have that thought to live by for now. 

Shall speak to you all soon.


home made rev counter face

I made 2 different faces for my homemade rev counter, they are based on what I made for my 50 a few years ago. A standard Honda tacho with a homemade CR110 replica face.

I cleaned off all but the scale and made something modelled after some RSC tacho's I've seen on the internet:

This looked a little plain to me, so I also made something with the actual RSC logo:

These are just normal printouts for now, to get an idea of what it would look like, but now I'm not sure what to make. RSC in logo or text....what do you think?

Stella Forever - Acceptance

Past month has been pretty hectic on my side and been really busy at the studio. Been working on new material for shows and sorting myself out. Im getting alot better now, still go for my run every morning at 8am to follow with a fresh banana milkshake i look so forward to make. I've really got in shape in the past 2 month. Last night was the 1st time i felt happy and didn't think about the past. Even if i had a haircut that morning and was abit too short for my likings.... Its the next step to acceptance and starting my life again. I may be a fool, karma ain't.

Here are some photo's of my daily life and what I've been up to. Will be posting my new art material on here and my website within the next week. Be excited!! 

Biggest childhood memories with my sister. Spent most of it in china down and still do till today.

So I took part in The Cally Festival doing some live art and got my Rubbertoe's out for the kids.
Felt nice to muck around with the paints and not think about what i was doing. After being in the studio working on new material. 18 hour's a day and becoming so in depth with paintings i have to execute for a few shows my work will be exhibiting within the next 2 months. As you can imaging, i started going abit mad and sick of painting by this point. 

Than i met this babe, she was brilliant!

Than had to rush back to the studio from the festival it was to do an all nighter and finish off paintings "The Phoenix and the hunter" for a major deadline. Which you'll all see in my next post. Lots of goodies to come.

Brilliant night!

Getting my swagger on at the studio!

Will be posting my latest material and can witness how i live my 2nd life at the studio. 
speak to you all soon and remember, karma going to get you Stella Forever.


home made rev counter stuff

The plan: build a mechanical tacho and tach-drive onto an SS50 engine.
terms: do not use kitaco or takegawa bolt on stuff.

I started with a tach drive from a CB175, turned something on the lathe and took the teeth off of an old camshaft sprocket, this should be soldered together with silver and mounted to the camshaft.

should look like this when mounted:

The housing was cut down to remove unnecessary material and to create a hole for the bolt to go through that will hold everything onto the cylinderhead. A brass plug will be put in there with threads to accept the bolt.

One problem, on a CB175 this is on the right side of the camshaft, on the SS50 it will be on the left, so the tachocable will be turning the wrong way.

On the back of the Yamaha 600 guage unit (that I took the tach from for the RSC90) was an angle drive that I could use to reverse the rotation...

Some PVC tubing, a CB50 tach and one Yamaha drive later:

Testrun if it all works...NO?...
I looked at the angle drive the wrong way, so it doesn't actually reverse the rotation.
I will have to make something else to fit onto the modified CB175 drive and use this tacho on another bike when it is finished.
Will be painted black, alloy ring to be turned on the lathe and a piece of plexiglass to close it all up, after I've made a new face for it, probably upto 14000 RPM or a bit higher.


Today the dutch caferacer club had a meeting, so I decided to go and have a look.
It was a nice excuse to take the BMW out again and my dad came along with his Oudshoorn BMW, although not totally complete yet (notice the seat) it was a nice ride to run in this newly built 700cc engine.
The bikes before departure;

The oudshoorn looks small next to my R90/6

To see more pictures of great caferacers that attended, look at the chalopy blog Ralph was there too and took a load of pictures.

RSC engine cover

Look what came in recently.
Specially made in england by a great guy called Colin Marley.

Original next to CNC milled, I glassbeadblasted mine to match the rest of my engine, and for some extra cooling surface.
Here is what that looks like when mounted, sorry about the fuzzy picture.

Some of these will go to Australia (you know who you are) but I haven't figured out the shipping yet. There is one extra if someone would be interested.