Scooter EV-Neo

Repsol Honda team in MotoGP have a new bike! But not for racing, which is make the streets around the paddock area. but it is not a conventional scooter electric scooter prepared Honda.

Honda provides electric Scooter EV-Neo mobility for drivers and crew for the team in the paddock. Electric scooter that is only sold in Japan was previously known as a commercial vehicle for business purposes in the land of the cherry.

But with a little modification of color, who made a mount similar to Stoner, Pedrosa and Dovi, EV-Neo looks sporty. Repsol Honda's distinctive orange color makes it look festive.

Electric scooter offers easy driving. Electric motor is claimed to have a big bertorsi character since the low round. The result, although a small but very good strength when cross slope or carrying goods.

Power of this motorcycle reached 3.8 Dk and uses Lithium-ion battery with 72V voltage-12.6Ah. These batteries can be recharged fully in just 30 minutes.