Lots of racing this weekend

Yesterday we had a race in Nunspeet, I had a lot of trouble getting the RSC running correctly, fiddeling with main jets, but at the end of the day I found the right one. All the symptoms directed me to a bigger jetsize, but smaller was the answer.
I did have a lot of issues with the gearbox though, after the clutch exploded, the gearselector arm was bent.
Pictures can be found thru the Nunspeet bike club website (click "classic race")
What do you know, If you click the 2nd link, the first thing you see is me....

picture thanx to: www.naomischolten.nl
More great photo's can be found on her website.

My dad rode his CB50 with 75cc engine, also having gearbox trouble, first time an original honda 5speed doesn't work the way it should, they are normally pretty indestructible.

My RSC engine was opened up today to fix the gears and it seems to work a little bit better now.
So the RSC is allready on the trailer again for races tomorrow in Varsseveld.
I didn't want to ride the 250 or 500 there, so we got my CB50 out and put it back together again, as some parts were "lent" to other bikes.

I hope tomorrow all goes well, the 90 gearbox should show improvement and the 50 has an experimental camshaft setup.