"Karma is going to get you Stella Forever"

Today was the first time in nearly 2 months, I held a pencil and drawn. It felt wierd but so satifying to 
hold my belovid pencils again, sketching spontaniously in a wee cafe where I turned up not exspecting a 
life drawing session taking place. I guess it's true what my best mate said to me than: 
'When your truely ready Rob, your love for drawing - will find you.' 

After going through this really rough patch, I started painting this peice to keep me from going insaine. 
I kicked it, jumped, sang, screamed, threw brushes, paints, spray cans at it and even dipped my tranners 
in buckets of paint, pelting it across the studio to mark the mural. 

Featuring one's character again Stella Forever, she hides amongst her friends to run from situations. 
She dances, she parties and she drink as much as she can to forget it all. They all adore her and her 
long hair but dont realise how nasty she really is. At the end of the day, karma will prevail on everyone's 
actions in life. 

Its only going to get bigger and better everyone. At the moment Im super excited, im currently working 
on a new body of work full of energy and real mixture of mediams. Ranging from a series of massive 
spray can/ paint wood peice, traditional ink peices on paper, and a limited print run of zine titled 
"The Fall Of Huracan Ramirez" all done in pencil. Also last but not least, i will be having 
3 new A2 screen prints coming out within the next month. 

Give this video above a cheeky watch and witness me painting this mural at its true scale. Having bought my own 
ladder the other week, I've been able to play around more with my mural's and pour one's blood, sweat and tears 
into it.

 Here are some cheeky shots of me painting and how this piece came together. 

Cheeky wee close up shots!

Enjoy the latest mural everyone and keep watch for this new body of work coming soon.