Working on new pieces/murals in the studio!!

Hey everyone, 

its been a wee while i know. It's been a bit hectic past 2 weeks over at my end. Going through a really rough patch at the moment so tried to not stay in my bed sobbing too much and literally had to be dragged out of bed to go to the studio and paint. Especially when i got a new body of paintings to produce and zine 'The Fall Of Huracan Ramirez'. The timing could had not got worse in my state of mind. Been slowly sorting my life out and get it back on track with reality. 

Took a few cheeky shots of the studio where Im getting my swagger on and letting loose some sharp shapes with my paints. Doing a series of wood canvas's from various parts of my story 'The Fall of Huracan Ramirez'. Along with a few paintings and ink illustrations of Stella Forever and her adventures.

Not forgetting painting along with all that a massive mural on the studio wall that will look pretty intense once finished. It has a lot of work needed still but here are some of the progression shots.

Enjoy and also will see the progression of my jeans/trainers gaining more and more paint in duel time. Will have this mural all finished up and everything in the next week or so once Ive started sketching 'The Fall Of Huracan Ramirez' zine. Got so much to storyboard still.

Thats all folks for now, hopefully ill be abit more happier in my next post.
Rubbertoe's xx