Summer Tote Bag's Coming Soon

So my long loved characters Stella Forever and Amelia Smash have finally made 
there debut onto this summer's tote bags. After the past few years using them in 
my works, I have decided to shaire them with everyone. 

They both have very different live's and background's but linked together 
by their love for 'Rain Dancing'. It makes them feel truely alive, as the rain 
hit their face's. They jump into clear lakes, when no ones around, the waters 
clear and innocent. I will be posting each of there stories this summer along 
with a series of images to go with it. 

These tote bags will be for sale on my online shop as of the 1st of June. 
Keep watch everyone. 

^Amelia Smash ^ 

^Stella Forever^ 

Above is a cheeky preliminary sketch towards these final designs and it gives you an 
insight to how I work.

Rubbertoes x