Sleight Of Hand

After looking through my bursting journal litrally! Still somehow bounded with 
a whole masking tape. Been drawing and working into it for the past year or so. 
I thought it was about time to start bringing my drawings alive and into context. 
Here is the 1st one from my journal and will have many more to come in the near 

The Land is clear and innocent. Jump to defend, run to pretend, 
they grappled together to be see who would be 'The Queen Of Limbs'. 

So i thought I'd load up the painting process to this since its always nice to see the step's 
one takes in order to execute an preliminary sketch. Lots of layers and watching ink dry

Hope you enjoy all the cheeky shots and will be posting more ink works within the 
next few months. Start working on a new portfolio and getting my hands super dirty! 

Rubbertoes x