One Night Amelia Wore Her Most Prettiest Dress!

Us humans are constantly on the move, packing up and resettling in different towns, 
in a neighbouring country, or on the other side of an ocean. Humans have migrated for
various reasons since we emergence as a species. Among all natural causes to migrate 
such as changes in climate, tsunami's, earthquake's, floods or volcanic eruptions. But
some of us find it harder than others to let go of the past and our homes. This bathroom
mural is about some of these things. 

I will be posting within g the next few weeks a mini video of this mural being painting
and along with what I get up to in the studio on a daily basis. 

I have uploaded some of the process images once again, since it was a complete state the walls 
when i first started it. So i bought Black, Magnolia, Blue, White paint and a load of spray cans in 
order to execute this 180 mural. Originally i wanted to do a 360 but I didn't have a proper ladder 
and didn't want to risk braking my neck over a bathroom painting while standing on a shaky stool. 
Even though i stood on the bathtub, toilet seat and in all angles to reach places. I will only go
to extreme lengths with my paintbrush's and spray cans. 

Witness my new mask. With the amount of murals il be doing this summer using spray cans,
all sorts of paint across the country. I'm defiantly going to need to carry this everywhere on 
the go at this rate. The next mural I will be putting up is in Madrid, Spain. 

On the good note, i really enjoyed doing this and as always learnt my mistakes and learnt new things
about myself and how to improve the process.
Hope you all enjoy it.

Rubbertoes x