Madrid: Sleight Of Hand Mr Rubbertoes!

so i went to Madrid for a few days and spent some time with my best mate. Always a winner to eat, dance and live on the edge like good times. 
Saw new things on my travels as expected and witnessed some experiences. Slept over night at the airport which was interesting with my duffer coat to keep one warm and my hand luggage for a pillow. I wasn't alone since there were loads of other people doing it too!!

So I didnt sleep much on my way there or on my way back. 23 hours i didn't sleep for so could imagine how tiered i was. I took loads of silly pictures as well managed to do some art too.
Here are some shots from the past few days. I had over 100 picture but the process photoshop completly exposed my films and only managed to save a few photo's. Was so annoyed as you all can imagin.

I present to you, the most sneakiest raccoon of them all!!

I do love Fish-Eye Lens camera's!

Cheeky shot before i went to the tapas bar for a night of eating, drinking and laughing a load. 

The food was awesome for 20 Euro's!!

Even won a few times at connect 4!

Visited the sight, always a winner on a summer's day =)

Cheeky few picture's from Mr Rubbertoes too!

Im was featured earlier on  today on BBC 2 Television UK, about a 30 artist selected out of like 2000 other artist to be featured on this Art tv show. Talking about each of our paintings and why we painted it.
So going to be watching that in a wee bit with a cup of tea and cookie. Lets bring back some memories when this series was filmed, the judges i remember, who were not keen on my style because of my influences by street art and modern illustration.

you can all watch on on BBC IPlayer and see what you think for yourself.

Smell you all later.
Rubbertoes. xx