Harley-Davidson headquarters in Singapore

Harley-Davidson Motor Company inaugurated the new headquarters in Singapore as the operational command of the Asia-Pacific region because the region is considered a very good market potential, including Indonesia. Evidence of the seriousness of the Milwaukee motorcycle manufacturer from working on his new market, on his new headquarters there is division sales, marketing, development and other dealers.

"This office is a strength as well as evidence of weapons of Harley-Davidson (HD) in the Asia-Pacific and introduce the ideology of the brand closer to consumers here. We want to sit in a better position to support consumers in this area," said Matt Levatich, President and Chief Operating Officer of Harley-Davidson Motor Company, as reported by Motorcycle news.

HD ambition to create new markets while expanding into new areas, because it predicted sales moge shot 40 percent outside the U.S.. Last year alone, the contribution of retail sales outside the U.S. recorded 35.5 percent of the total, even the Asia-Pacific region accounted for 9.4 percent.

Dave Foley, Vice President and Managing Director of Harley-Davidson Asia Pacific added, the presence of HD in this area is not new news. Since 1912, HD has been selling the unit as a whole (completely built up) to Japan. Even Australia is most consistent with a sales network that never closed since it was first operated in 1918.

Source : otomotif.kompas.com