The Fall Of Huracan Ramirez Zine- Coming Soon!!

A story about a Mexican single father come famous wrestler, who fights with a passion to win in order to fund
his daughter's life threatening disability. Born with a weak heart, Stella (his daughter) still tries to live life to
its fullest, with a love for watching her father fight. He comes across his biggest fight yet against his ultimate 
rival, Black Terror with whom he has had bad blood in the past as both are in love with his daughters mother.

If he wins this fight against Black Terror, he will be able to afford the full operation in a good hospital rather having
to go for Mexico City's backstreet doctor to have a heart transplant and save Stella's life. A legendary fight that
could cost the life of his beloved daughter.  

Be excited because I'am very much bursting with energy to execute the final storyboard so i can start drawing up the
final pieces and binding everything together into a wee A5 zine. 'The Fall of Huracan Ramirez' zine is back to back to
another zine, more of that closer to the time. Wouldn't want to spoil everything now, would I.

Here are some cheeky in progress/ storyboard shot. I will be keeping everyone informed to the process of this 
exciting zine. Speak soon and keep watch amigo's!! 

Rubbertoes x