Day 2: Stella Forever

So I woke up at 6 am to head to the studio to pick up a few paints, brushes, rollers, bucket and a ladder. Before heading off to London/ Waterloo to paint my dearest character Stella Forever, whom is girl who has long hair and mistaken for a mermaid. Her flowing lines and shapes which describes her looks, but her as person she is very unpredictable.
This took me 4 hours to paint. 

"Seeing some other drawings of the artist at his website – – 
(Please Google it. It’s fascinating enough to click) I found, it was not necessary to be Japanese but his own style, even his another drawing of western woman having same kind of rather smooth, somewhat innocent, naive faces — may be originated from his own memories of childhood – hence having no element of eroticism. I like the art which appeals to my subconscious – and make me puzzle but more importantly – gave a kind of soothing, – listening a far distant lullaby like feeling." 

Read the rest of what he wrote in responce in seeing me paint this mural on his blog. 

Words - Kinetorori Mamura 
Blog -

The process: Still going through a really rough patch with a few things but managed to drag myself out of bed after 3 hours laying in bed thinking about things and where I went wrong. Took a few cheeky wee photos of how i put it together and how my work pretty much stands up from its surroundings. Making me think is this media for me sometimes due to the usual characters you get creating "street art" or tagging. Even though I use paint brushes too along with spray cans. I dont tag letter, but my work on the street still is associated with street art. So wonder if its the right impression i want to give being an mixed media artist sometimes in the UK. I know it would be more excepted in the States or Mexico, which Im aiming to move to in the next few years. 

But for now I guess I got to balance the two, my big pieces and small intricate ink paintings, story pencil illustrations I do. Maybe i wasn't ment to be an artist and maybe follow my other carreer path as a curator. 

No matter how many times I ask myself- Why am i an artist? I can only come to the conclusion with: 

'it makes me happy and feel it helps to stay in control myself when going through dark times. Sometimes it does over take my life but maybe thats my purpose in life for now. Even if I don't have the opportunity to show her and make proud of me. I guess i can only hope I like my work
myself. Stella Forever will have a friend in the next piece I do of her, he will be a guy who really takes control of the relationship and bosses her around. 

Got a load of emails to reply to now. So if you want to ask me anything drop me an email and i will get back to you.

Thats all folks and will be with you all soon, with new material

Rubbertoes xx